An open letter to all those opposing Feminism


Pulkit Bhasin is currently in 11th grade. He thoroughly enjoys reading, writing, and playing cricket. He has volunteered at other organizations as well where he has taken up a plethora of roles from database management to teaching underprivileged children. He relishes the opportunity of public speaking and has participated in various debating competitions. He holds some experience in computer programming as well.

An open letter to all those opposing Feminism

Sexism is a disease, spreading through our society since the existence of mankind. Women have been treated as the inferior gender, with unfair treatment in terms of social, economic, and political opportunities. Fortunately, change is being observed. Women are no longer tolerating any discrimination, and are revolting against it. The movement has spread instantaneously, gaining the name ‘feminism’, which simply advocates for equal rights for women. The movement has gained support throughout with all men, women, and even children standing up for women’s rights. However, there are still several men who stand against this movement. Men who believe that the term feminism has been diluted and today I, a 15-year old boy, would like to answer to them.

Several haters say that feminism offers unequivocally unfair advantages to women. For example: our country’s legal system. Laws have been implement to help protect the security of women both in the real and cyber world; however, meninists argue that the absence of such laws prove a biased approach. Now the primary aspect we must approach is requirement. Do men really need such laws? Post an adolescent age, men experience muscle growth while women don’t, making them rather physically dominating, and men have taken advantage of this since an eternity. Throughout the country, women and girls have been on the receiving end of eve teasing; have been snatched from access to jobs and education. I, myself, hope to live in a world where men and women are considered equal without any bias towards either, but until we achieve so, we must ensure equity. We must ensure that women aren’t victims of violence because they refuse to pay dowry. We must ensure that women aren’t treated as objects, and until this is achieved, our legal system must protect them.

Furthermore, while I admit that some women (referred to as ‘feminazis’) exaggerate the demands feminists possess from our society, it would be wrong to fixate on them and dismiss the requirement of change altogether. Every group has radicals, but it is the core philosophy of a movement that we must focus on. When any of you say you don’t support feminism, you say you don’t support equal rights for women. You say you don’t support demolishing the suppression of women. You say that you don’t support progress for our society, and that is something to ponder upon. Any millennial opposing feminism would undoubtedly be overprotective about the women in their families, and the same logic must apply for all women in our society. We must unite together to demolish these struggles not only from the metropolitan cities but also throughout the country. Only then can we ensure a safe and secure planet.

Opinions are of the writer.


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