March, 2020


Women’s Glass Ceiling in a Workplace

Yamini is a coder and a blogger. She writes about workplace biases that women face on regular basis. We all know about the struggles that women go through in their daily life, but very few of us know about the unseen barriers and problems that women face in their workplace. [...]Read more

From Consent to Coercion

Antara is a feminist writer and blogger, hanging by the thread of procrastination trying to achieve perfectionism. She writes about Sex-work and Prostitution, words still bringing with them taboo, prejudice and violence. SEX WORK, PROSTITUTION. These terms have in today’s world [...]Read more

Marital Rape

As The Guardian reports that the cases of Domestic Violence might increase during the pandemic, our blogger, Anjana writes about the Non-criminalized Crime in India: Marital Rape, which also falls under the larger umbrella of Domestic Violence. The definition of rape is something [...]Read more

Safecity Monthly Updates: March 2020

We hope you are safe and that you are taking adequate precautions against COVID19. On our part we have cancelled all public events and workshops. We have always been a work-from-home organization, so we are happy to share some of our learnings A regular routine gives you a [...]Read more

What do Women really want?

Yamini Sharma is a coder and a blogger. Hoping to bring a change in society via her blogs, she talks about how women want more than mere chivalry.  “Life is not a competition between men and women. It is a collaboration.”, rightly said by David Alejandro Fearnhead. Today we are [...]Read more

Emerging Leaders: Shalini Sharma

Shalini Sharma works as a Social Media Intern with Safecity. She’s currently in her 2nd year of graduation and pursuing business administration. She wants to work for a society where humanity is put ahead before all differences and inculcate the different sects with the spirit of [...]Read more

Know Our Team – Our role in Society

Having recently pursued her Masters in Gender, Policy and Inequalities from the London School of Economics and Political Science, Karishma has just completed a month with the Safecity family as Program and Outreach Officer in Mumbai. Community engagement has always been an [...]Read more

A Road to Rights for LGBTQIA+ Community

Antara Basu, a feminist writer and blogger, is interning with us as same! She expresses her views on how many steps we have covered and how many are left in this staircase of providing justice to the community. A customary rainbow flag and hand drawn posters which would have made [...]Read more

Vital Voices Mentoring Walk 2020

Vital Voices was co-founded by Hillary Clinton in 1997 as a platform to advance the rights of women in three thematic areas – increasing political participation of women, encouraging economic empowerment of women and ending all forms of violence against women. They believe [...]Read more

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