Safecity is a platform that empowers individuals, communities, police and city government to create safer public and private spaces. Our technology stack collects and analyses crowdsourced, anonymous reports of sexual violence, identifying patterns and key insights. This data enables citizens, communities, civic authorities, police, researchers and policymakers to create safer spaces by:

Increasing awareness, transparency and public accountability
Improving policy and tactical precision with data-led insights
Optimising budgets to more effectively allocate resources

share your story anonymously
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Safecity is an initiative of the Red Dot Foundation based in Washingon DC, U.S.A and its sister concern Red Dot Foundation based in Mumbai, India. Our dataset is the world’s largest, with 25 participating cities/countries/organizations.

How can you make your city safer?

Sharing your experience helps us identify patterns and create safer spaces.

Take 2 minutes to submit an anonymous report and help make your city more safe.

share your story anonymously


Download our mobile application:

Safecity empowers your community, organization, police force or city government

Top 5 reasons to get Safecity:

Optimise budgets and resource allocation
Enhance safety and quality of life in your community
Gain insight into opaque issues like family and domestic violence
Gain insight into opaque issues like family and domestic violence
Bolster community connection and engagement through crowdsourcing

Join us in making our cities safer

Share Your Story

Have you been a victim or witness of a gender-based crime? Tell us your story (anonymously) and help us spread the word for needed change.

Join a Campaign

Safecity organizes several campaigns to spread awareness about gender-based crimes. Join one of our campaigns or use our resources to start your own.


Safecity is a completely volunteer-based initiative. Volunteer your time and help us take it forward with our team of passionate and dedicated volunteers.

Get Involved

Take a look at our requirements to see what you can do in your own individual capacity and help make a difference.

Attend an Event

Check out our event calendar to see events near you. You can also host your own event and post it on the calendar. You can join us for our next workshop or you can invite us to conduct one.


Help Safecity by donating to one of our campaigns. Your support will help us take this movement of safe-cities a long way. A city where we can live without fear, violence and abuse.

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Be Safe with Safecity

Safecity provides you with a collection of curated resources ranging from safety products, mobile applications, self defence classes and important legal information to help you stay safe and take necessary action in case you have been harassed. You can reach out to us to connect you to an advocate in our circle.

Safecity MapsLegal FAQsImportant Phone Nos.Mobile Apps, Products & Services

Subscribe to alerts for your neighbourhood / frequently visited destinations / a new location you may be visiting. Read the reviews and experiences of other women and how they rate the areas with respect to personal safety. Click here to share your story.

Know the laws with respect to sexual harassment – not just in public spaces, but also at work and within the bounds of your home. Click here to read the laws.

Quick reference to important phone nos (police stations, hospitals, helplines etc.) from across cities. Click here to know more.

There are a host of services, self-defence classes, helplines, mobile applications and products like pepper sprays that you can use to protect yourself. Look at our resources section to know more. Click here to know more.

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