Water, Violence and its Co-relation


On 22nd March 2019 N.Jayaram @N_Jayaram conducted a Tweetchat on Water, Violence and its correlation on World Water Day.

Women face disproportionate responsibility in finding, fetching water and washing and face harassment while performing these task. The discussion began by asking the audience how women’s access to water can be ameliorated. The next important question raised was how women from oppressed castes, communities and classes can gain a foothold in the water economy. The audience agreed that everyone must fully enjoy the right to water; certain measures should be taken to ensure that this right is given to everyone without any discrimination. The discussion continued by referring to the Mahad Satyagraha which was led by Mr. B.R. Ambedkar to help the Dalits/untouchables have access to public water tanks, and the question raised was whether women in the 21st century need to do a similar movement to claim their access to water. The next important question was despite the UN Assembly recognizing human right to safe drinking water as a part of an international law, what were the factors that blocked the assertion of this right. The main reason suggested by the audience was commercialization of drinking water, hoarding supply of water and then providing safe and clean water to a handful of price payers. The discussion ended by asking the audience how women can overcome the disadvantage of not having access to water closets or toilets as men can urinate or defecate in public without any inhibitions.

A tweetchat by Jayaram!





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