Talking about Puberty and Menstruation in Bihar


Naina Jha conducted an awareness session on Puberty and Menstruation for 30 girls of Saraswati Vidya Mandir School on 29th of October in Patna, Bihar. 

Naina asked them if they had heard of the word “Puberty”. Many of the girls were not aware of the term. When asked what puberty meant, they explained the bodily processes of public hair, periods and growing of breasts. Naina then explained to them what puberty is, the physical and psychological changes that take place in both boys and girls and the behavioural changes it brings about. She explained that is a completely natural process and transformation from childhood to adulthood and that there should be no shame attached to it. Naina elaborated on how and why menstruation happens and the process of reproduction and Pre-Menstrual Syndrome. She answered questions that the girls posed and also burst a few myths related to menstruation with the help of scientific and logical reasoning.  At the end of the workshop, Naina also shared tips on hygiene during menstruation and ways of disposing sanitary napkins.



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