SDG 5- Gender Equality- An Overview


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SDG 5- Gender Equality- An Overview


Topic- Making education safer.

Chintan Modi, @chintan_connect, conducted a Tweetchat on 9th December 2016. It focused on the theme of making education safer for everyone. Many ideas were discussed such as what policy makers should keep in mind while drafting child safety policies and how the teachers and mentors can ensure that children feel safe in school. Additionally, various taboos were talked about which often inhibit girls’ education such as menstruation. The talk concluded with ideas to strengthen sexual education and emotional literacy in schools.

Key points that were discussed are as follows:

  • Knowledge about ‘good touch’ and ‘bad touch’ should be given right from the beginning.
  • Routine check must be made of school bus drivers, counsellors in schools, and clean and maintained toilets.
  • One must think about things from a child’s perspective.
  • Taboos like bullying must be taken under consideration.


Topic- gender and public spaces.

Azra Khan, @azrakhan87, conducted a Tweetchat on 16th December, based on the theme of Gender and Public Spaces in the context of SDG 5- Gender Equality. The discussion focused on the various types of insecurities presented to women while they are in public spaces as well as which factors are responsible for making women feel unsafe in such an environment. Additionally, the chat revolved around the topic of precautions taken by women as well as whether or not people are truly aware about the laws against sexual harassment. The discussion concluded by talking about the difference in perspectives that key stakeholders have and possible solutions regarding how the problem can be resolved.

Key points that were discussed are as follows.

  • The most common form of insecurity are safety concerns like safe road, reliable passengers and safe transport.
  • Streets must be well lit at all times.
  • Easy connectivity and 24-hour safe transportation necessary for women’s safety.
  • Importance of taking action against molestation and showing concern about it.
  • Laws must be strengthened against criminals and not victims.


Topic- Freedom of expression vis-à-vis gender equality.

Karuna Dayal, @karunadayal, conducted a Tweetchat on 23rd of December based on the idea of the freedom of expression vis-a-vis gender equality. The chat took into account many facets. For starters, the participants talked about whether women are more prone to gender based violence, especially while expressing themselves online. Solutions were also discussed as to how victims should address cyber bullying and the role the friends and family play in the situation. Participants also shared specific cases and practices which have helped women to report cases of sexual harassment or cyber violence.

Key points that were discussed are as follows:

  • People abusing the anonymity that the internet provides to harass women and girls.
  • Intimidation deterring women from expressing their thoughts or opinions.
  • Women being more vulnerable to trolls.
  • Women being subjected to more harassment on the internet than men.
  • Family support being important to take action against perpetrators on the internet.


Topic- Gender and work.

On 30th December, Pratiksha Balaji @pratiksha_zm, our Social Media Intern conducted a TweetChat on the topic- Gender and Work keeping with the theme of the month being discussed i.e. Gender Equality. The chat first began by addressing whether gender played a role in workplace dynamics. Various issues like biases and inequalities in treatment and promotion were discussed. Though the chat definitely showed that there has been progress for women in the workplace and that quite a few have broken the glass ceiling, it brought out many factors that still need to be addressed until there is complete equality.

Key points that were discussed are as follows:

  • Males acquiring higher position in the hierarchy.
  • Majority of things being planned according to the convenience of the male gender.
  • The extremely misused phrase ‘She slept her way to the top of the company’.
  • Safety hazards faced by women in the workplace.
  • The job proffered to a male if the woman is planning a family in the near future.


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