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Nancy Antil is  final year Psychology Student at MKJK College, Rohtak & a Social Media intern at Safecity. She is a happy go lucky person who loves travelling from one place to another and exploring new things and loves spreading happiness among people or around her.

– Nancy Antil

I started my journey with Safecity as a social media intern  in mid-March. It’s been a very beautiful journey working with Safecity where I got to learn more about social media platforms. Through Safecity, I was able to clear my myths about a few issues and through their events, webniars & tweetchats I was able to gain knowledge about things related to sexual abuse, street harassment, gender equality which empowered & broadened my thinking and opinions on such social issues. It wasn’t only me who got encouraged with their action but they also acknowledge their audience. I make Tweetchat posts and when I work on them, I  read answers to every question where I see people coming forward and sharing their views, issues, problems and encouraging others to step forward. Seeing such responses, I feel great to work with such a platform as it encouages as well as boosts me to do good things and stand for what’s right.

Earlier, I found it a bit difficult to manage Safecity work like posting things or being involved in engagement activities alongside with my college schedules and deadlines but then I realised how encouraging and compassionate the entire team is. They helped me alot to manage all the work together. Interning for this platform has never felt exhausting even one bit. After being with Safecity for all this time, I can only say that it has come to feel like home.

At the end I  just want to say, I will always look forward to do more, to strive for a safer space & will surely continue to work harder, learn new things and contribute even more.

Thank you Safecity!


The views expressed are that of the writer. 

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