Yamini Parashar is pursuing her BA from Delhi university. She likes to write poems and observe things and is concerned with social issues. She identifies herself as a feminist and sees herself as a clinical psychologist in a few years. She’s been a part of a few poetry programmes held in her city.


I’m not an object
I’m not flesh
Meant to be eaten by your eyes
My skirt is not too short
No, I’m not your prey.
I’m not an object to be the target of your gaze
Don’t have that hungry look
If my shoulders are visible to you under a piece of cloth
Don’t look at my legs sitting in the class
Just because you want your hunger to be met
Because you want to feed your body.
The principal says
“Mind your behaviour!” to the girls
No, I’m not distracting boys
Just because my dress is short.
No, my dress and my body are not an invitation.
No, don’t mislead the world
For God’s sake!
No, I’m not inviting you
Don’t watch me walking or
Comment on my body
I’m not eye-candy
“You have a good figure!” you say.
No, I do not need your validation and approval
Touching my shoulder in the rush of the bus,
No, I’m will not be an object of your harassment
I’m not what you find me to be
It’s my body and figure
Not subject to your body and character-shaming
Leave me as is
I’m enough and more.

Opinions expressed are of the writer.


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