Interactive Session with Underprivileged Children about Safe and Unsafe Touches at TARA


On October 13, Jyoti Goyal from Safecity took a session on safe/unsafe touch with 13 children from TARA NGOs in Delhi. TARA works for children in need of care and protection.

The children belonged to the age group of 2 to 13 years. These children came from various backgrounds in life; some of the kids lived on the streets, some of them were abandoned by their families, some children have parents in judicial custody for crimes. These children have been vulnerable to violence and crimes. TARA welcomed us to introduce the concept of safe and unsafe touch to the children.

During the workshop, the children were taught about various points like – 
My body my choice
Having the courage to say NO
safe and unsafe touch
safe and unsafe secrets
Trusting people
What to do if you feel danger or insecure

The children shared various incidences where they said no to strangers on being offered something by strangers. Some of the children had family members who committed crimes, even sexual offences. So, we explained to them that trustworthy people need not always be our family members. We encouraged them to decide who their trustworthy people are. Then the children mentioned the names of their teachers and caretakers of the NGO TARA as their trustworthy people. This was also proof that the children felt safe in a social organization.

Through examples and questions, we tried to clarify which situation is safe or unsafe for kids and which secret is unsafe. Special emphasis was given on believing in your feelings and saying it loud when you feel bad or hurt.



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