Freedom To Be


Akshita is a nineteen year old overachiever and perfectionist with big dreams, trying to wade through her entangled teenage years. An extrovert, dog lover and travel enthusiast who finds her ultimate home in the poems she can create at any given time of the day.


When you sliced my mother’s stomach open,

picked me out

and cut the umbilical cord

holding me back,

you called it –

F R E E D O M,

mistook my constant wails for excitement,

and wrapped me in an unloving, coarse cloth;

my mother’s womb was softer.


I did not like it;

the entire process of being born

into this world,

at the cost of my mother

hurting and risking;

the same mother 

who caressed me 

a hundred and fifty times a day,

sang me to sleep

in between her sniffles 

and prayed for my peace.

For, she knew 

I was going to be a girl

and that my father would scorn,

refuse to hold me in his arms,

lower his eyes 

while revealing my sex

to the family,

as if my sex 

was a misfortune,

as if my sex 

was responsible for all the hardships 

in his life,

as if his own sins 

didn’t count.


So, why didn’t you 

seek my consent

before introducing me 

into a world 

where you knew 

I would have to fight;

fight for keeping my identify alive,

where I would have to

rely on the mercy 

of my father’s anger 

for not getting thrashed

while humming a song,

or for skipping

two particles of dust 

while mopping the floor.


When you called my birth-

F R E E D O M,

did you allow 

the patriarchy to rule over my body?

did you allow the patriarchy to control

my letteredness,

my physical and mental health,

the age I get married at,

the children I give birth to

and the number of bruises 

I bear on my body?


So, how can YOU claim

to understand the notions

of MY freedom,

when you can’t even 

spell it properly?


I wish you’d asked me,

if I ever wanted to be,

if I ever was ready for the injustices 

you were going to throw at me,

if I had the strength 

to keep myself from being eaten alive.

I wish, you’d given me 

the F R E E D O M 

to just, be.


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